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Access Report Tricks
Danny Lesendrini contends that if you don't think Access is the best reporting tool around, you haven't experienced the power of writing reports in Microsoft Access. Join him as he demonstrates a few examples of what can be done with Access Reports.

XQuery from the Experts: Influences on the design of XQuery

The first major XML language that takes advantage of the benefits of strong typing provided by XML Schema, XQuery has the versatility to manipulate both XML and non-XML data and connects the world of XML and relational databases. Here, select members of the W3C's XML Query working group discuss every facet of XQuery.

The Firewall and the Wandering Workers

Corporations that have strong firewall defenses didn't take long to figure out that their greatest threat was from employees who log on to their networks from outside the building.

'Royale' Reborn as Macromedia Flex

While Microsoft works on what may or may not be a 'flashkiller,' the graphics software maker puts on armor with a J2EE-friendly development tool for software that sits on the presentation tier.

Oracle9iR2 Shared Pool Advisory

Learn how to get the most out of your Oracle database using the Shared Pool Advisory.

XForms Essentials: XForms Building Blocks

XForms Essentials shows readers how to integrate XForms with both HTML and XML vocabularies. If you work with forms, HTML, or XML information, XForms Essentials will provides a simpler route to more sophisticated interactions with users. By O'Reilly.

The HTML Form Element

Form elements are probably one of the most important aspects of HTML encountered when browsing the Web. Here, we'll look at some common attributes used for form elements, including children elements (known as controls) and common form submission issues. by Khalid Ali.

Canoo ULC 5.1

Canoo Ultra Light Client (ULC) is a new paradigm for developing network-enabled rich client applications and we're going to take it for a test drive.

Using xp_fixeddrives to Monitor Free Space

Greg Larsen discusses a simple space monitoring method that uses an undocumented SQL Server extended stored procedure named xp_fixeddrives.

Change of Guard in New List of Worst Viruses

Two viruses that pose as security patches issued from Microsoft have outdone malicious competitors like Klez, Bugbear and Blaster for the top two seats in October's top virus charts.

The Deadly Duo: Spam and Viruses, October 2003

While one firm measured a decline in the monthly amount of spam, another report finds the economic damage to be among the worst ever recorded.

Is the Leader of the Linux Pack Also the Best of Breed?

These days, when most organizations talk about 'Linux,' they're talking about Red Hat. The distribution has risen to the top of the U.S. enterprise market on the strength of its brand, ease of installation, and numerous deals with vendors. We evaluate how version 9 stacks up against other Linux variants.
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